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You have found the old site for hair related stories. Stories on this site may contain both female and male haircuts, head shaving, buzzing, etc. Please feel free to read some of the stories here dealing with haircuts that take place in the barbershop, home, school, army, prison or other locations. Whether you like reading about the clippers running down the middle or the shears snipping the long hair off, we have the stories for you. Stories are written by kind authors who have taken the time to submit their work for your enjoyment.

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4.484.48 /21     81348134 views   English
Jilted by Anonymous (2003-Feb-28)
Punishment - NR - NA - NA

4.534.53 /17     88418841 views   English
Too Much Too Late by Barbera (2003-Nov-28)
Surprise - NR - NA - NA

2.202.20 /5     45404540 views   English
The Economy Drive by Amante de Flequillos (2004-Jul-28)
NA - NR - NA - Fantasy

4.784.78 /18     52985298 views   English
See You Next Saturday (Part 1) by JimB (2004-Aug-11)
NA - NR - Barbershop - NA

3.833.83 /6     55705570 views   Dutch
Melanie by Gabriel (2005-May-12)
NA - XXX - NA - Sexual fantasy

3.233.23 /88     2277622776 views   English
Ganga by ShaveMeBald (2008-Jan-20)
Forced - R - Home - Fantasy

4.064.06 /54     1170911709 views   English
The Wedding Party (Part 1) by Hair2Air (2011-Feb-05)
Forced - R - School-Army-Prison - Fiction

4.354.35 /66     3294232942 views   English
Sister's Haircut by Girl Haircut (2012-Jun-23)
Time for a change - PG - Barbershop - True
Tags: head shave, Indian, barbershop

4.444.44 /63     1264612646 views   English
Unspoken by Rayzur (2013-Nov-09)
Surprise - R - Salon - Fiction

4.174.17 /12     20532053 views   Dutch
Lekker vrouwelijk geknipt en geverfd (deel 1) by Michel K (2013-Dec-07)
Mens - X - Salon - Sexual fantasy

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