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My forced Haircut Fantasy (Part 1)
Author: Hannah Haircuts
Content: X
Location: Barbershop
Category: Forced
Type: Fantasy
Post date: Monday, October 11, 2010
Language: English
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It was 7.00am when Jake rolled over and tapped on the shoulder of his sleeping girlfriend, Hannah, waking her. “What?" muttered Jane in a sleepy state, “I made an appointment for you to get your hair cut?" Jake replied, “what?!" said Hannah, now fully awake, “Why? Do you not like my hair?" “No, it’s not that!" said Jake, thinking of Hannah’s waist length, wavy, brown hair, “It’s just it could be a little shorter!" “Okay," said Hannah, eager to please her boyfriend, “when’s the appointment?" she asked, “an hour’s time, we better get out of bed!" replied Jake. 

So they both got out of bed, ate breakfast, got dressed, cleaned their teeth and within 45 minutes they were ready to hit the town. They got in the car and Jake soon had them on the road into town, he pulled into a side street that was quite rundown. He stopped outside an old-fashioned barbershop. 

Jake helped Hannah out of the car, “A barbershop!?" she exclaimed. “Don’t worry he’s very good and we’ll have the barbershop all to ourselves!" he replied, “Okay…" she said uneasily as he pushed her through the door. 

It was a brightly lit room with three barber chairs facing mirrors and each mirror had a small table in front of it, in the corner there was a desk where the barber was sitting. “I made an appointment for my girlfriend here!" Jake called to the barber, “ah," said the barber, “yours is the private appointment!" He walked over and locked the door and pulled the curtains. “Now my dear," he said to Hannah to the middle barber chair, which was big, red and leather, she sat down in it. 

Jake took the barber out of Hannah’s earshot, “now," said Jake, “I want her shaved in stages, but she doesn’t know this, so maybe tie her down?" “Right" said the barber, who walked over to his desk and got three lengths of rope from under it and walked over to Hannah’s chair. 

Jake was already waiting behind the chair, the barber tied one of her hands to one of the armrests of the chair, “hey!" she yelled, trying to get out of the seat, but Jake held her down. The barber tied the second piece of rope around her waist and the third around her other hand. 

“I take it this is your first time," said the barber to the struggling Hannah, “First time of what?" “Being clippered," the barber said, pointing to the line of clippers and attachments on the table in front of her. “NO!" she yelled, “not my hair!" “Come on Hannah, you have to let go sometime, start with a number 4 buzz on the nape." Said Jake, “undercut or do you want all this bulk off?" asked the barber, holding up the back of Hannah’s hair. “Hmmm, start with an undercut," Jake said. 

The barber picked up a large set of clippers from the table and put the attachment on, he then plugged them in and with a large pop, and he switched them on. Hannah gasped as a loud buzzing noise filled the room. “These ones are powerful!" said the barber, raising the buzzing clippers, “they’ll cut away your mop with ease!" “Please! I love my hair!" cried Hannah, “Well I don’t!" replied Jake, he then went and sat down in one of the waiting chairs behind Hannah and the barber. 

The barber held up her all her hair and put it in a clip, her nape with its long hair was exposed, “Please stop!" begged Hannah, “sorry sweetie," replied the barber, brandishing his clippers, “but an order’s and order, plus I’ve never clipped such long hair before!" 

He was about to start clipping, but he stopped. “I was so excited I forgot to cape her up!" he said, he switched off the buzzing clippers and set them on the table. He got a tissue from his desk and a big red vinyl cape off a hook on the wall. 

He held her hair in the air and tucked the tissue around her neck, and then he draped the cape over her and closed it nice and tight at the back. He pumped the chair to the right height and he was ready to begin. 

The barber picked up his clippers and switched them back on, again the buzzing filled the room, “now tilt you head forward, dear," “no!" said Hannah, shaking her head, “I won’t let you cut my hair!" Jake walked around the front of Hannah’s chair and looked her in the eye, “if you don’t shut up, I’ll make him shave it all off right now!" Jake yelled, “okay Jake," Hannah whimpered, “I’ll let him cut my hair." “You heard the girl! Cut!" said Jake. 

The barber moved her head so that her chin touched her breasts and he moved the clippers to her nape, the moment the buzzing clippers touched Hannah’s skin, she became tense, the barber clipped the first part of her nape and set the 12’’ clippings on her lap, all she could do was look at them. 

He proceeded to clip away at the nape, catching the long lengths of hair as he buzzed them off, each clipping was placed on her caped lap, soon he had finished giving her nape the number 4 buzz and he switched off the clippers. 

“What do you think?" the barber asked Jake, “Too long still, how about a number 2?" Jake replied. “Sure!" said the barber, he picked up the clippers and changed the attachment, before driving them into the hair that remained on the nape, buzzing each strip almost bare, he let the clippings fall to the floor. 

“That looks great!" said Jake after the barber had switched off the clippers, Jake stroked the buzzed nape, “Could you give her an all round undercut?" asked Jake, “okay," said the barber, he put in two hair clips, so that the under sides of her hair were exposed. He drove the buzzing clippers along the sides of her head; Hannah looked in the mirror in shock. 

First the sideburns were clipped, then the clippings were placed on her lap, then the buzzing clippers moved around her ear and towards the back of her head. The underneath of her hair was soon a number 2, this process was repeated on the other side of her head, and the long locks were mown away. There was soon a large mound of hair on Hannah’s lap. 


The clippers were switched off again, “what now?" asked the barber, “shave her body," said Jake said.  Hannah looked shocked. The barber removed the cape, letting the pile of hair fall to the floor; the barber then untied her and made her stand. “Take all your clothes off," insisted the barber, Hannah looked embarrassed as she removed her cardigan, then her jeans and shoes, she pulled off her top over her head, exposing her bra and large breasts. She removed her bra and her breasts were freed, then she removed her panties, exposing thick, curly pubic hair. 

“Stand there a minute," said the barber, he wheeled over a trolley that had a foam brush, a pot of foam, a small clipper and a straight razor, Hannah looked at them fearfully. “Bend over a bit," said the barber. He then proceeded to rub foam all over her back; he then rubbed the razor on a leather strap, before using it to shave her back. The barber then got foam on his fingers and put it up her bottom and rubbed it, he then flicked the razor in and out of her ass, a mixture of foam and hair fell to the floor. 

She was then made to sit in the barber chair again, her legs were spread and the barber pulled down ropes that were attached to hooks on the ceiling and tied her legs to them, her legs were tied in such a way that her bottom was slightly of the chair. 

Hannah raised her head to look in the mirror; she thought that she looked a sight, the exposed pussy and her shorn hair. The barber started to lather her legs from the ankles right up to the edge of her pubic hair, then he ran the razor up her legs quickly, but carefully, leaving her legs smooth, he then rubbed her legs with a towel, removing the left over foam. Then he rubbed more foam onto her armpits, stomach and breasts before shaving them. 

Then he picked up the small clipper, it had no cords and no guard. He switched it on, it made a high-pitched buzzing noise, he ran it up and down her thigh, teasing her, then he lifted it from her leg and plunged it into the mound of hair on her pussy lips, the clipper noise changed and sounded more strained as it sheared the pussy hair off, soon the lips were clippered, leaving only black stubble, then he started clipping the main mound and the clippers ate away the hair quickly, the curly hair was soon gone. 

He swept this hair onto the floor with his hand, then he lathered the pussy with his brush and shaved it smooth, he gently stroked it when he was finished. Jake came over and felt it as well, then he felt her legs and undercut. “Brilliant, but it’ll be even better when she’s totally shaved!" 

Hannah started to struggle, she got her legs out of the ropes and got to her feet, Jake pulled her back into the chair, her smooth, naked body struggling. “Quick!"  yelled Jake, “Tie her down!" The barber put the ropes around her arms and body, she stopped struggling, there was nothing she could do, and she would be bald. 

Jake looked at the girl, naked, tied to a big red leather barber chair and thought about how he wanted to fuck her, but only once she’d been shaved. 

The barber got a new tissue and tucked it around her neck and put the cape back over her naked body. He took the clips out of her hair and it tumbled down once more. “Ha!" laughed the barber, “You wouldn’t know we’d cut anything! Now what kind of haircut are we going for?" “Now try a severe inverted bob with a blunt fringe." Said Jake, “Okay," said the barber, “I’ll just turn the chair away from the mirror, it could upset her, seeing all her long tresses being sheared off, but I think it’ll be a great cut even if it shocks her!" The barber turned the chair away from the mirror. “So," the barber asked Jake, “Will you be getting a haircut too?" “Oh yes!" said Jake, “Cut me now sure!" 

Soon Jake was caped in the chair next to Hannah’s. Jake had quite long hair for a man, I was long and shaggy. Hannah craned her neck to look at him, she loved his hair. “Please don’t cut it!" pleaded Hannah, “Don’t be silly!"  said Jake “We’ll match! Only you hair will be a little shorter in the end." “So what’ll it be?" asked the barber, “something very short, but not quite bald," “okay, a horseshoe flattop!"  said the barber, “first I’ll do an all over tight buzz, then shave the sides. “ “Sounds great!" said Jake. 

The barber switched on the clippers and buzzed off all of Jake’s long hair, it fell on the floor and the cape, Jake smiled, Hannah gasped, after a few passes, there was only stubble, then the back and sides were scrapped away and the top was cleaned up with the clippers. 

The cape was then whisked off, he rubbed his head, “Amazing, just think Hannah! Yours will feel even better!" “Better get back to the lady’s cut," said the barber, he put some tools on a trolley and wheeled them over, and he had a large pair of scissors, some hair clips, some large straightness, a clipper with no guard and a comb. 

First he combed out her hair, Hannah loved getting her hair combed, so she relaxed and closed her eyes, then he straightened her hair, which relaxed her even further, she heard him pick up something, so she opened her eyes and saw the barber standing with his large scissors poised for action… 

To be continued…

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