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Family Headshave
Author: Sarayu
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Post date: Thursday, November 18, 2010
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This is a true story of my head shave which happened recently in Tirupathi .

Hi my name is Sarayu .I am 21 Years old Leaving with my parents. Recently my brother get Married. My Cousin is so beautiful having her hair so silky, blond; her hair is up to her waist. I got stunned standing behind her and seeing her hair.Soonly I and my cousin get so close to each other.

We both do our daily hair dressing each other.1 day she told me that she loves my hair so much than her hair.

I shocked!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked why?

She said Ur hair is so blond and thick than her hair, First i am happy to hear that, but soonly I told her that I love hair more than mine.

She also got shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And asked why i told that "when compared to mine hair your hair is so longer than mine"

But she told to me that her hair is getting loose and she got cried for that....I convinced her don’t to cry for that..

My Parents are looking matches for me.1 day dad and mom called me.........

I stand before my parents and my cousin stands beside me..........

Dad told that they seeing match's for me.....

I first surprised and looked at my cousin's face.!!!

She is smiling and telling with her face expression that agree for marriage........

Dad asked me what Ur opinion. Is


But..........Dad my opinion is "I want to study"

Mom told to me that if u get married than after also u can study...

We have seen a match for u..Mom told to me..

I am excited to know...soonly Dad showed me photo..My cousin Is so excited to see that photo..soon I turned my head and asked my cousin "How is He?"

She told me that He is suitable match for me....

I also Impressed by that photo..and told to dad that to come and see me...........

Mom and Dad were very happy...I saw their face that they had succeeded in their life...

I took that photo with me secretly.......

That night all of us taking Dinner happily,,,,,,,,,,

My Brother asked me how is my hubby???

I am so smiled and cant tell any answer to my brother...Soonly my cousin told that she is very much impressed and also told that i have secretly saved that photo with me..All are laughing at me..........I also smiled..........

At all this discussion is going on .....

My mother Reveled that she have a vow in past years....

My father asked what is the vow???

She said If all goes happily in our life she will get all our heads tonsured in tirupathi.......

I shocked first then next to me my cousin also got shocked!!!!!!!!!!

My brother told that Now we all are settled in life's......So When we will plan to go? He asked Dad.

But my cousin is unconscious state weather my brother will oked for her head shave also.

Soon Dad told that All are settled so soonly we will plan...

I soonly looked at my mom she was happy that all are pleased to be ok..

That night when I am going to sleep in my room..I am hearing my cousin's voice from my besides room..That is my brothers bed room...My cousin is asking her husband(My brother).....About weather he is going to tonsuring his head....Soonly he replied that my cousin and I also going to tonsuring our heads too....

I got really shocked after listing!!!!!!!!! But soonly an angry voice i heard is my cousin roaring at my husband that she is not willing to be her head bald....

But my brother told to convince her like she is suffering about hair lose day by day it was increasing so if she get head shaved so that she can say bye to loosing her hair..

After hearing that she was silent and  was thinking!!!!

Is she beautiful in bald look or not..

Soon she asked about me that I am also not willing to get tonsured. My brother replied to her that she wants to convince me..

Soon she said she will not listen to me if I say she will roar on me also too..

Then my brother told that first u convince her if not then mother will convince her………

That night I am sleepless and thinking of  with my bald head..

Next day morning when my cousin dressing my hair, She raised tonsuring topic…I am getting angry at that time that I have already hear that she will convince me…

I told that I will not willing to give my head tonsure I only give a 3 cut.. She was smiling?. I asked why are u laughing she is also willing to do but her hair was getting loose day by day it was increasing.. So she decided to get her head tonsured. I was appreciating her for her courage..

Haircutting Stories

At all this topic is going on this was all heard by my mother…

She came to me and asked me weather I am willing to get tonsuring my head or not.. I said “NO"  to her..

She then asked “Why?"

I told if I get tonsured my head how can my hubby see my face.. And also they are coming next moth only.. How? I asked.

She said it will not be the problem to me because she had already informed to my mother-in-law that she had vow and all are getting tonsured, She also agreed for that so don’t worry..

I am nervous when she told but finally I am also getting ready for tonsuring mom I told to her.

My cousin and mom are very happy when I told that..

Soon Dad came and told that the next coming Sunday we are going to Trupathi..

Saturday night all are packing things to go to Tirupathi.

Next day morning 6AM we reached to railway station. Nearly 6 hours we have journeyed. Soonly we have allotted room near to temple. All of us are tired and slept for 3 hours. Soon mother told to me and for my cousin to ready for tonsuring and also suggest to wear sleeveless so that it was easy to sit before barber.. But I told to dad and brother  that I am uneasy to get tonsure in open place, so get a barber to room so that all will get tonsured here itself. My mother and my cousin also agreed for that soon my brother came with a barber.

Barber came into the room and went to corner of the room and sat there. He is taking all of his things from her bag.

He first taken out straight razor, scissors, comb, blades, etc,. He asked me to get mug full of water. I soon went into bathroom and gave him mug with full of water.

He said I am ready sir….

My dad sat before him first he told him to start. Barber taken his straight razor kept new blade in that. He than took some water and poured that water on my dad’s head and massaged for a while all my dad head is now wet.

He than taken straight razor and started from middle of soonly my dad was bald. Barber told it was complete. Than after my brother sat he was also bald I about 2 minutes.

Than My Mother sat he pore some water on her head and massage for sometime and he took the blade and inserted it into the straight edged razor.He tied hair into two knots and started in the middle of the head.Slowly white scalp become increasing and the hair is falling like river onto her lap.In minutes mom with long hair turned into bald.

Than my cousin dares to sat down in front of him crosslegged, barber saw the feelings in her face and he asked whether it is the first time for her and he asked whether to start or not. She took courage and gave signal to him to start. He kept his left hand on her head and gently pushed it down towards her chest.

I could hear the scrape-scrape on the back of her head - top to bottom. I feltgreat. I could see wet tufts of her hair falling on her back and neck.

In one minute, the back of her head was totally bald ! The barber lifted her head slightly and adjusted it to get the correct angle so that he could started on the front. He started from the top of her head towards the front...


More tufts of hair fell on the ground in front of her and to my side. In another minute, She was completely tonsured. She was laughing and stunned she ran her hands over her freshly tonsured head and the palms of her hands felt warm against the skin of her head. It felt good !

Then next is my turn, I was very nervous. My mother made me to sit before the barber. He asked me "how many scissors"  he should cut my hair. I told him to tonsure. He was little surprised I guess to see such a young lady ready for tonsure. He wetted my hair thoroughly as i had thick blond waist length hair. He poured some water on my head and massaged for some time. He changed the blade in his razor and started .


I asked barber to shave from my forehead so that all my hair will seen how much long is it was. He agreed and started from my forehead, slowly a white scalp was appearing, seconds later my front part was completely shaved, he moved to backside as I hair my hair with band, It was all coming like a flower, Seconds later I am fully bald. I took my waist length hair into my hand and cried.

My mother came to me and told u are so nice now.

After we went to temple..

And came back to home……

Soon I got married, Once again we all are planned to tirupathi trip.. Soon I will update next part…

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